What Types Of Pillows Are There

2022-07-11 10:11


Soft and comfortable, but limited and cannot be washed, if washed with water, it will be lumpy and uneven.

Polyester fiber

Softer, but may be too soft, the resilience will not be good, and the support effect will be poor.

Memory foam

It has good elasticity and can have a healthy sleeping position, but memory pillows are generally not machine washable and will turn yellow.

Plant particles

The granular pillow core is relatively hard, and it is easy to make noise, and it is easy to wake up at night, which affects the quality of sleep. Pillow may become moldy if used for a long time.


Soft and comfortable, can be washed and sterilized at high temperature, can be machine washed, has good resilience, and has a good support and support effect.