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Item No. Compressed Sponge
Material Polyether
Color Yellow
Price Term FOB
Payment Term T/T

Compressed Tile Grouting Sponge

Size: 19cm*14cm*5cm

Material: Polyether

Application: car-washing tool, tiling tool etc.

Production process: produced on automatic continuous pouring line, and cut into foam buns with the size of 100cm*200cm*70cm, then reticulated with Hydric and Oxygen in an special chamber to let the foam buns open cell with good pores structure, later cut the foam buns by the computer-controlled cutting machines to any designed shape. Then a certain quantity will be vacuum compressed packed in bales to save the freight greatly. After the reticulation, the sponge will be able to bear acid and alkali, strengthen its flexibility, and make the product have a longer life.

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