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Dry Fast OpenCell Foam is a great-quality open cell foam, also known as reticulated foam,with a solid, firm feel. The open pores in the foam allow for water and air topass through, making Dry Fast foam a great choice for marine and outdoorapplications. Its antimicrobial properties prevent the growth of mold andmildew—another reason to choose Dry Fast for your boating and outdoor seatingneeds. This is not a high-density foam; therefore, it should be selected foroccasional-use applications and not as berth foam for liveaboard boaters, unless breathable and superior drainage capabilities outweigh thelongevity of the foam.

Dry Fast OpenCell Antimicrobial Foam’s superior airflow and heat dissipation, as well as itsexcellent water drainage capabilities, make it well suited for patio cushions andseating, cabin seating and mattresses. This foam has a medium stiffness, adensity of 1.8 pounds per cubic foot and a foam IFD (Indentation ForceDeflection) of 33 pounds.